Studio A – CG Production team interprets visual possibilities against physical properties and goes beyond reality to show what “Impossible is nothing” looks like.  In doing so, we enrich the story and amplify the expression, creating a work that stays and inspires, offering an original point of view. We use it to create value, not noise. CGI is a tool, not a medium. It is always used in harmony with the message and creativity, thus we create powerful and authentic works. All of our products have a story worth telling. We filter it, polish it, make it shine. We reinforce the message by reducing clutter and communicate it with hierarchy and clarity.​​​​​​​

Directed by adidas Studio A – CG Production

Senior Project Manager: Stefan Niemela
Senior CG Producer: Arran Royle
Senior Design Digital Creative: Maarten Apeldoorn
3D Artists: Andreas Böinghoff, Jan Elsner, Tobias Szabo, Lasse Lauch
3D Modeling/Shading: Lars Korb, Maximilian Müller
Audio: Jochen Mader/
Director Digital Creative: Richard Askin
Senior Portfolio Manager: Luke Welch