Cap All Holes & Inset NGones

Hey there!


Here I have two useful ICE-compounds I use quite often. The fist one caps all holes in a Mesh.














Picture 1: A polymesh with many Holes.















Picture 2: The compound caps all holes on a mesh.






Download the compound: AB _ Cap All Holes


The second compound checks a polygon mesh for NGones and insets this ones.












picture 3: The insert_NGones compound Inserts all polygones with more than 4 points.


This compound gets useful when working e.g. with the “Create Extrusion Along Strands” compound.  After doing the extrusion with this compound along stands the top and bottom cap are not-smoothable ngones. When using a Inset-NGones compound after the extrusion, the meshes get flat caps when smoothing them.

Picture 5: Example of use









Download the Compound: AB _ Inset nGons