Select objects with this material

Like the “Assign Material to Selection” function, all Softimage/Maya Guys know the “Select objects with his martial” button. I know this is already an option under the material palette. But who uses this? So here is the code to get the same functionality in Houdini. Just copy/paste the code into this file: C:\Users\USER\Documents\houdini17.0\OPmenu.xml And you are done. On the next houdini restart it should pop up on the right mouse button menu.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <scriptItem id="TM_Util_SelectObjectsWithThisMaterial">
            <label>TM Tools: Select Objects with this Material</label>
import hou
oselectedNodes = hou.selectedNodes()
oShaderTypes = ["redshift::Material", "principledshader::2.0", "redshift_vopnet", "material" ]

for mats in oselectedNodes:
    oShaderCheck = 0
    oShaderType = str(mats.type().name())
    for item in oShaderTypes:
        if oShaderType in item:
                oShaderCheck = 1
    if oShaderCheck == 1:
        oNodes = mats.dependents()
        for oNode in oNodes:
            if str(oNode.type().name()) == "geo":
                #print oNode.path()



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