Retime ICE caches


here is a little compound I made to retime ICE caches. The general approach can be found here: It is working so well, that I use this little compound every time I’m doing simulations. Thanks to Andy for this great method!

Download the compound here, import it to ICE, explode it and load the caches. When connecting it to a port on a pointcloud it should work as expected, but if you connect the tree on a polymesh the “Retime Particles Part B” will stay red. This is because there is no changing point count in the cache. So simply dive in and disconnect the delete point node.

Match transfroms in Maya

Currently we are switching our workflows from Softimage to Maya. One small, but essential feature we miss, is the good old match all transforms functionality. This function matches the translation, rotation and transforms from one object to another.

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